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Error married away from

First error reasons-to settle for marriage, marriage for marriage.
This is by far the most stupid mistake.
The second wrong reasons to get married--in order to run away from home.
Generally this is girl's mistake. To get away from the unhappy home, or to escape from control, freedom, girls often marry will take to achieve the goal. In fact, it is a fantasy-style fake independence.
Third wrong reason---to serve children of marriage life.
You will be surprised, even though contraception so convenient, so the old story often remains very high. Although slightly different versions of the new age, when men marry women stress, although unmarried mother says she had the courage to do, but it is old wine in a new bottle. But want to hold up a person's mind, he was caught.
The fourth wrong reasons to get married---in order to defy their parents ' orders.
Whether parents think that their children are too young, still think that their choice of lover is not appropriate, can cause strong reverse psychology. Especially with rebellious character parties, tend to be more in order to fight against. However, to remind you of is that it may be to rebel against their parents claim the most dangerous at worst.
Fifth wrong reasons to get married---married husband, finding a rich man.
Jinshan to support women, who can say that is bad? The money, though money for money, but others may not be.
Sixth wrong reasons to get married---he is gorgeous.
Beautiful people and everyone loves, the invincible power of beauty. In addition to beauty, and other essential conditions are lacking, but became a great tragedy, and forget the appearance of a high depreciation rate.
Seventh error reason---to desire for marriage.
Believe it or not, men are more likely to be victims of desire. Men are often not married in the eyes of most love, but with the desire to keep their women.
Eighth wrong reasons to get married---because I am lonely.
Modern man fearless, afraid of loneliness. Men and women just because of loneliness and struggle on. Prefer argument causing loss or sleep is better than alone.
Nineth wrong reasons to get married---the search for security.
Sense of this thing, in addition to their own, others are not. Think about it, it would rather give you a shoulder to lean on, and unwilling, what can you do?
Tenth wrong reasons to get married---out of the singles.
Many women still don't believe marriage and marriage can be a mature choice. Biological clock's urging, social pressure, fear factors such as maternal age, one may be to break the single and married. The most absurd is, as one woman told me, even if married, divorce in a week, is married to once is not available.
11th bad reasons to get married---wanted to be the bride.
Exaggerated, right? However, there are many such ridiculous woman, marriage as a program. Banquet in the makeup, take pictures, not only fun, but also round the bride's dream. But many people have only one Princess.
12th bad reasons to get married---love must be married.
In fact, love doesn't have to be married. Modern life has many opportunities for love, just like beads, each one has its own completeness and elegance.
13th bad reasons to get married---because of age.
True love is not for you to determine the age of your happiness. For ages had not choice one can make your life, personality, soul's fit and the other half not again fall into a grave in real love? Every day you will live a boring life. That only live in prison, this is the girl most often mistakes.
Question: do we have a common goal in life?
If you have been married for 20 or 30 years, it was for a very long time. How do you plan this time? Eat and run? You must be with him (her) to share something deeper and more meaningful, you have to have a common goal in life.
In a marriage, there are two things will happen: you can grow together, or their growth. 50% of the respective growth of, to make a successful marriage you need to know in life on the bottom line, what do you want, and then marry (or marry) one and people like you.
Problem two: and his (her) to share feelings and thoughts, do you feel safe?
This and related to the quality of your relationship, "security" means that you can communicate openly with this person, good communication is the basis of trust. Be honest with yourself! Sure you want to marry you feel emotionally safe.
Problem three: he (she) is an admirable and very special person?
The meaning of the question is that he (she) was a noble and sensitive person? How do you test him (her)?
Here are some suggestions: he (she) is on a regular basis as a means of personal growth? He (she) seriously improve yourself? Some "good" under a definition, that is, someone who often race to the top and do the right thing. So ask your partner his (her) how to use his (her) time?
Basically, there are two kinds of people in this world: people who are committed to personal growth, and the other are those who seek comfort. That comfortable lives classified as a target man, will enjoy first personal. With his (her) before walking down the red carpet, you have to know this.
Question four: his (her) how to treat other people?
Strengthen relationships the most important is the ability to give. Called for, is the ability to make others happy. See if this person is really like? He was for people who had nothing to what? For example: waiters, bus drivers, and so on. How he deals with his parents and siblings? Did he teach? If he who gave him all the things people do not know how to be grateful, don't expect him to be grateful to you. He said would gossip and ill of others? Gossip people don't know love, you can be sure that if he's not good, nor good for you.
Problem five: If you want to change this person after marriage?
There are too many people make this mistake is the hope that after the wedding, "change" his spouse. You may want to change after marriage ... ... May become even worse, if you do not wholly accept his (her) now look, you're not ready to get married. In conclusion, dating to point your head little snacks.
Select a partner not only based on love, it may sound not quite right but there is one profound truth. Love, not marriage the only basis, but it is the result of a good marriage: you can not only create a lifelong relationship with love, you need more. BACK PAGE