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Woman wedding night loves to ask the most stupid

Two strangers to each other when people come together, there will be a feeling of suddenly to another world, to start another life, was always there on the reality and future of excited. In particular, on their wedding night, emotional woman always unconsciously ask men questions, while men will respond to.
1, we can love each other forever?
It's women often ask a question on their wedding night, because two people hold hands forever, every newly married woman is expected, they did not hope to change marriage on the way. But at this time the bride, men will say: "I'll love you forever, would you believe me! "Then the woman as soon as there is a sense of happiness in the arms of the groom.
2, you would do good to my family?
Women apart from men looking after ourselves and hope men able to care for her family, especially her parents. Therefore, when a woman asked the question, men will say: "of course it will. "And women will say:" I will take care of your parents. "
3, you feel happy?
This is a pretty stupid thing wedding night why not happiness? No matter what changes took place after, but on their wedding night was full of happiness and mystery of men and women.
4, you're like a son or a daughter?
Most men are like his son, although equality between men and women are now talking, but on their wedding night, men would say: "I like

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