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Feng Xu Fan's true love feelings

September 19, 1999, at 9 o'clock in the morning I married with Xu Fan Lady. I refer to her as Xu after marriage.
Xu is not only well, management can also be set. Usually is, and catch the big and free the small long arm. Look, human rights, democracy, is actually in the tight loose outside, find mercy. In other words, Xu did not open fire, and cupolas here throw fruit, but you have to understand their situation, know they are in Xu's within machine gun range.
I like useful under strongman rule, so I painstakingly search for the truth. I pretty clearly, under coercion or inducement is to stay on track, let the consequences would be unthinkable.
Many of my good habits are under strict management of Xu grew.
Like said: daily insisted Wash feet for underwear, socks wear two days on have for clean of, Pee finished not forget rushed water, night brushing, not drink tap in of cold water, eat finished rice wipe mouth, ash not play to ashtray outside, sofa cushion sat twist BA has, left Qian wants to with put it pendulum good fuzheng, hanging towel Shi upper and lower on align, car in put tissue and so on.
Xu is not only tough on me, myself personally. Just like in Zhu Zizhi motto says: Dawn sweep the courtyard to clean inside and outside, faint interest close to lock myself will behave. Should be prepared about the no thirst to dig wells. Home products has the right amount of stock, run out of fuel could never happen to remember is to purchase things, whenever it rains, open the trunk of the car will appear an umbrella, wipe clean after use and will come back to the trunk. Not only that, Xu also liked to take hold on life style. Return of the outgoing acting, will run to the flower market bargains to buy back a few flowers so that they are in full bloom in his study every corner of the living room and lit incense, room with enchanting fragrance. On this, I'll drop like a fog cloud.
I have often said to her: you are bourgeois atmosphere.
She asked me, style is an asset not?
Xu age is not large, but is no stranger to traditional ancestor worship activities. Annual new year's day, Tan top, we go to the Western hills of Beijing Temple worship, from entered the temple's gate to the final step into the Hall, when incense? when did kowtow? when? when kneeling? do the same with I was behind in Xu. I think Xu pious attitude can make the Buddha is moved.
After her mother died, I bought a cemetery in Xishan for my parents. Buried that day, everything is organized under Xu's guidance. I remember some of the details, she used a paper Cup filled up a glass of wine down my parents on both sides of the tombstones spill says: Grandma grandparents, uncles, aunts, my mom moved in today, your neighbor's back, I hope you all live in peace, some places don't thoughtful and ask pardon. We are here to give you a toast. Spilled out and fill a Cup on my parents ' graves, and removed another paper Cup, some rice to fill the Cup, light 3 incense into the rice, let me and my sister and her husband, as well as two granddaughters worship worship he step aside quietly waiting for.
She said to me: paper Cup, paper Cup, does not damage the environment.
In short, I Xu's advantage is that says not to say, road or road end.
Bottom line: married her a privilege. BACK PAGE