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The "wedding movie" new self self love MV

Think static photos are new, new "wedding movie" records of romantic love. Studio says, when business is good can take more than 20 orders a day.
Reporter learned yesterday visited, Dan┬Ěhe, walking time, cold Emerald Studio, have launched a MV of love wedding photography services: tailored for new people love movies small script, in studios, location filming is completed, after editing, soundtrack and other post-processing, forming a complete love wedding dress MV.
MV is usually four or five minutes, cheap more than 1000 Yuan can get you three thousand or four thousand Yuan. Script prepared in accordance with new requirements, love at first sight encounter, know each other and to cherish love and quarrel caused by misunderstanding, hand in hand in this lifetime commitment, are showed in the MV.
Mr YEUNG describes the walking time motion picture, wedding dress MV and make films about, the shop offers clothing, cosmetics to filming, post-production services. Cold jade photography Miss Han, in quest of love MV, mainly young, emphasis on individuality, and have a certain economic strength of newcomers.