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How to please the bridesmaids, best man

Generally speaking, in preparation for the wedding when the first new issue is taken into consideration. Held wedding of hotel, wedding photography like are belongs to hardware, and men and women friends of select is is a letter of "software", and also is interesting, usually first was column Shang list of are is groom bride of good friends or compared close of colleagues, if to pull with finger number number conditions words, age similar, is kind-hearted, Ken for friends anything, can "alcohol" test, also to top have live guest of carrot and stick and gentle, desperately guardian buddies when of embarrassing thing and affair, These should include you in considering the inclusion of a few key points.  In real life, choose a friend or relative as best man, Maid of honor is not such an easy thing if that troubled you, here's a few suggestions to help you make the decision.  [Married banquet scale] now and no provides a wedding only please a groomsmen and bridesmaid, if you of scale is Grand, and tiegetie sister also more than a words, completely can put they are invited to you of side to, also has, don't ' forced ' you of groomsmen bridesmaid deliberately wear have low-key, actually he (she) are of glamorous beautiful also will let you of face Shang added glory Oh!   (Your goal), best man, Maid of honor for what you do? Is to simply give you moral support, or expect them to become your right-hand man? He (she) is on the scene to eat leaves? Smooth it? Have fun art can be cooked with the heat: the atmosphere of the wedding? If faced with an emergency in the field, will sit down and solve it?  You're going to think about it, he (she) is one of the most suitable candidates, not simply because of personal relationships and put maybe not so hilarious friends on this position. (Commitment to worry about) whether to have printed invitations, to suddenly think: "Oh, how to forget him (her)! Last time I promised to give him (her) to be the best man (the maid), Ah! Or, your partner in on a whim, they also made a similar commitment?  Caught in such a situation is not fear, but don't run from problems, good friends and explain that he (she) will understand you. (The special quota) very good brothers and sisters do you have?  Maybe the wedding is for him (her) a good internship, if you have that kind of game, views marriage as dirt diehards, tasks to his best man or maid of honor (she) maybe can change these vestiges of ideas. (Blind date) married is your special day, but apart from that fact that there's so many articles to, Oh, you or your spouse's side if there is worry about your love of friends? The wedding is a wonderful opportunity, please do this friend and he (she) is the one to the right when your bridal party.  Without love this can say a, cheery wedding contrast, believe the dating results extraordinary Café talking comparison of Oh! (Open) when the final list of down time, you need good communication with selected people, whether you need to dress? The color of the day is the kind of series? He (she) have a ready-made or have you go to a special buy? All guests and witnesses, MC's list, the entire wedding process encountered unexpected solutions, all prior to his (her) full. Remember, you can be as busy or requested by several bridal party, but you have to know who is the good relationship with man, and must in fact make him (her) have this perception, because he (she) can play a role in your wedding. BACK PAGE