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Buy diamond rings online to pay attention to some

Shanghai gold jewellery trade association official data showed 2006 Shanghai jewelry consumption of more than 16 billion, which a conservative estimate of 5% shares, or 800 million the total sales of diamonds through various types of network.
Spend thousands of tens of thousands of Yuan of money, buy diamonds on the Web, you would?
Strange thing: retail price lower than wholesale price
Diamonds can be sold online, with e-commerce gradually absorbs jewellery online sales is quickly compounded exponentially increasing ways to seize the market, in 2006 through century jewelry direct sales network, nine drilling, and Taobao C2C site of diamond and jade sales are good sales performance.
"Buying diamonds online advantage is the low price, the same diamond, the price may be cheaper than the conventional jewelry store 30% to 70%. "Robust Executive, currently serves as CEO of nine drilling network bin said in a media interview," we directly from South Africa, and Israel's suppliers and sell directly online, the store costs, labor costs, unwanted costs can be compressed a great deal. "21st century CEO plateau also said jewelry direct sales network, website can be the most direct price, loose diamond from 100% legal channels of Shanghai Diamond Exchange-level suppliers, without any layers of middlemen and retailers fare increases.
Meanwhile, a number of market irregularities also emerged with the diamond network marketing. It is understood that an imposter on popular Web platforms using the well-known jewelry brand, well-known sales websites of field offices or Shanghai Co-its individual sellers up to more than 20 companies.
Reporters at a prominent site, found a grain of 50 D,VS1 diamond sellers with 21st century jewelry for the LOGO. According to industry sources, this specification, with a state-certified quality diamonds, wholesale costs more than 13000 Yuan, and surf the Internet more than the retail price of just more than 9,000 yuan.
Reporter to the consumer the identity of callers, sellers has been shuffled, whether branded diamond said was ambiguous, sometimes call back at a later time, also known as the diamond has been sold, it is recommended that Exchange it for another one. When a reporter asked if he has a certificate, the other side is very safe to say, they have a very international certificate of authority of the GIA, and that is the English language.
In the conversation, the other party admits is small businesses online jewelry sales company, the company both. As regards professional background, the seller said he did not know the diamonds and laymen, he won't identify jewelry, rely on certificates to ensure integrity. When a reporter asked about the invoice, the seller simply said: "the price can not open the invoice, if invoice will have to pay," he also suggested: "actually, I feel absolutely no need to open the invoice, certificate of identification for as long as we can guarantee the quality and open invoices just waste your money. "
Experts pointed out that four major issues
Above common diamond network marketing, reporters telephone interviews with national quality supervision and inspection center of gem Ding Ting, Director of the Shanghai lab. D Director pointed out that the network sold a Diamond's four main issues: "price mislead diamond fraud problem is network marketing's most common problems buyers tend to focus on low prices, rather than quality, such practices are similar to real estate sellers Black medium operating mode. "
In addition, the standard international certification is also a common problem, selling loose diamonds online a lot of English certificate, and certain serious level in overseas certificate and the certificate problem, many of these certificates through informal channels outside of the Diamond Exchange in China, seriously violated the interests of Chinese consumers, this is also a question in front of national testing organization standardization issues.
Also has a professional background and credibility issues, online jewelry sales are still small companies and individual sellers, professional background is impossible to talk about, a lot is a layman intervention, on the sale of the product itself does not have the ability to identify, integrity is difficult to guarantee. Reporters in the interview that there were buyers in Shanghai, by buying diamonds, in Shanghai testing organizations test results and test results issued by the seller are very different, with color drop level 3, clarity, but rose 2.
"Diamonds as special consumer goods, the State specifies that the Shanghai Diamond Exchange is the only legitimate importers, source of all diamond invoices from the Shanghai Diamond Exchange, source characterization of diamonds as of the invoice no smuggling, bootlegging, as a covert network consumption, provide a suitable soil for smuggling. "Ding also said quality problems many consumers need to consider. Irregular trading, leaving a lot of quality problems, individual sales and it is difficult to provide comprehensive after-sales service and quality assurance system, most of the online shop does not have the entities and after sales support.
Should be eliminated is not standard small business
"To resolve these problems, the law is the first priority. "The Shanghai diamond trading joint management office Secretary General Yu Huimin said in July 2006, diamond import and export tax rate fell from 17% to 4%, the introduction of this legislation is to a large extent solves the problem of smuggling.
In addition, international certificate of compliance issues was also much attention. National gemstone quality supervision and inspection center Ding Ting, Director of the laboratory, said international GIA certificates, do not come from the national testing organization in a foreign country, but rather business units, the same diamond GIA certificates in different countries are likely to get different results. And now many fake GIA certificates on the market, it is difficult to distinguish. Today, the domestic national certificate in the jewelry and jade quality supervision and inspection center, is the only valid certificates. In network marketing, many buyers do not understand diamond sales channels and modes, so listen to sellers of lies, false identification agency finds that lead to fraud. These problems need to be solved.
21st century CEO plateau jewelry direct sales network, the integrity of the network is relying on brand to build. Reporters recently from people in the industry know, relevant departments and trade associations will be periodic checks with the jewellery industry, jewelry online sellers is one of the random key, "like diamond jewelry, such as network marketing businesses are checking the purchase invoice, certificate of competency in May is likely to focus on spot checks of jewelry. "He said, of irregular problems should be phased out a number of small businesses. BACK PAGE