Service project

Silk flower packages "6666"

Silk flower packages  

Father name: wedding styles of eminent persons by newcomers in the industry choose
  One HD wedding video: industry celebrities personally shooting two knitting DVD
  Chief Photographer: 300 photo finishing 80
  Chief makeup artist a: try full makeup makeup in advance, including the mother and bridesmaids makeup makeup
  Chief wedding steering one: monitoring
  Chief sound engineer a: complete wedding music matching
  A planning process: according to new requirements planning your perfect wedding
  Exquisite main table flower pot: (high quality flowers: lilies and Roses)
  Layout of project
  Decorate the background of Western-style veils,
  Western silk flowers arch
  Tableaux 2
  Western silk flower passage Rome (8)
  Silk flower arrangement
  Wedding ring pillows a
  Five-layer cake, model
  Sign in background (silk flower shape light fence)
  Sign supplies a set of
  20 m
  Design project
  Background new photograph design
  Personalized silk flower design
  Banquet seating design
  Sign in background photo personalized design
  Professional audio 1: (speakers 4 mixer? 2 wireless microphone amplifier Karaoke system)
  Remote-controlled bubble machine
  Chasing lights a
  Voice controlled lamp set the stage
  Laser light
  Shipping, depending on distance BACK PAGE